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First Responder Wooden Door Hanger

First Responder Wooden Door Hanger

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First Responder Wooden Door Hanger

Introducing our First Responder Wooden Door Hanger, a premium handcrafted piece of home decor designed to bring warmth and support to your front entry door. Made with meticulous attention to detail, this 18" diameter door hanger is crafted from high-quality 1/2" thick birch plywood, ensuring durability and a stunning aesthetic appeal. 


  • Superior Material: Constructed from high-quality birch plywood, our door hanger exudes a timeless charm while guaranteeing longevity. The 1/2" thickness adds substantial weight, ensuring it hangs securely on your door.
  • Stunning Bow: The accompanying bow is meticulously crafted with high-quality wire-edged ribbon, expertly designed to maintain its shape and provide an elegant finishing touch to the door hanger. It adds a touch of sophistication and visual appeal to your home's entrance.
  • Ready to Hang: We understand the importance of convenience. That's why our First Responder Wooden Door Hanger comes with an included twine strand, making it effortless to hang securely on your front door. No additional tools or hardware are required.
  • Long-Lasting Vinyl Wording: The wording on the door hanger is created using high-quality Oracal 651 vinyl, renowned for its durability, longevity, and fade resistance. It ensures that your heartfelt message of support for first responders remains vibrant and intact for years to come.
  • Show Support and Bring Warmth: This exquisite door hanger serves a dual purpose. Not only does it add a touch of warmth and style to your front entry, but it also symbolizes your support for the brave first responders in your community. It's a beautiful way to express gratitude and solidarity.

Our First Responder Wooden Door Hanger is perfect for homeowners seeking high-quality, custom home decor that makes a statement. It's an ideal addition to any front entry, instantly enhancing the visual appeal of your home while displaying your appreciation for those who dedicate their lives to keeping us safe.

Hang it proudly on your front door, porch, or any suitable location to convey your heartfelt support for first responders. Every time you pass through your doorway, you'll be reminded of their bravery and the unity within your community.

Order our First Responder Wooden Door Hanger today and make a statement with a beautiful blend of artistry and appreciation. It's time to bring warmth, gratitude, and a touch of elegance to your home's entrance.

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